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Core stabilization using exercise balls such as the DuraBall™ has been promoted by physiotherapists and exercise therapists like Paul Chek for many years. It is ideal for seating, exercise, rehabilitation, and can be used with a duraDisc or medicine ball to gain a more challenging workout. The DuraBall™ Swiss ball helps to improve your posture, reduce back pain, and brighten up your office/classroom when used as a chair. To view a general guideline for the size of the Swiss ball you should buy – click here

What is “Anti-Burst”? Not all balls are created equal! It is very important to use a high-quality ball product that is actually “anti-burst” such as the DuraBall Pro Swiss Ball. This particular brand has been tested by the University of Newcastle engineering department, and if a puncture occurs, it will deflate slowly rather than burst. It is still possible for a Dura Ball to get punctured, but the injury risk is much lower. The DuraBall Pro Swiss Ball is tested in a specially designed apparatus, which can progressively load a ball with a series of free weights. The test ball is then punctured with a very sharp, 10mm knife blade. A ball is deemed to be anti-burst when the cut in the ball does not expand from the size of the cut made by the blade. The manufacturer’s tests on the DuraBall Pro have exceeded a 500kg burst resistance rating. This means that if you applied a dynamic load of 500kg to the ball and it suffered a puncture of any kind, it will deflate slowly. This gives a margin of safety to prevent injury in any use of the ball.

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