Meet Michelle Owen

Postural & Structural Specialist

Meet Michelle Owen.
Postural & Structural Specialist.

When it comes to physical fitness, most of us spend our time focusing on how things look on the outside. But without correcting issues of the inner workings of our body, we fail to truly reach our full physical and functional potential.

That’s where I come in. I’ve learnt numerous modalities from industry-leading health professionals around the globe. I’ve combined this extensive knowledge to develop my own highly specialised approach to postural correction that blends the best of these leading-edge techniques. With this approach, I’ve helped hundreds of people find freedom in their body and relief from pain.

With 30 years of industry experience, I not only have highly qualified practical skills, but also intuitive knowledge and wisdom that sets me apart. Staying top of my game also means continuing to learn and seek insight, which I can then pass on to you. 

I am a high level C.H.E.K Practitioner, corrective high performance exercise kinesiologist, postural specialist, strength coach and a holistic lifestyle coach. I am certified in ELDOA and Myofascial stretching, global postural stretching, functional range conditioning and Kin stretch.

I believe we shouldn’t have to be held back by ongoing injuries, chronic pain and low energy. The relief and improved performance my clients are able to achieve, where others have said it’s not possible, is testament to the fact that postural correction is a powerful modality that plays an immense role in overall wellbeing and physical performance. 

My clients are now able to achieve their high performance sports goals. They’re living healthier, more productive lives. They’re enjoying the sports and activities that mean the most to them and they’re moving without fear, pain or hesitation, whatever level they are performing at.

I’ve spent my lifetime committed to learning and practicing holistic health and living, nutrition, breathwork, spirituality and fitness. Nature, family, friends, travel, entrepreneurship and continuous learning are all a big part of my life. I love working with people and seeing my clients reach their goals and transform their lifestyle is highly rewarding.

“Over the past 20 years I have lived with neck, upper back and shoulder pain. At its worst my headaches were every 2-3 weeks lasting 2-3 days. My back would “lock” up and the headache would kick in a like tooth ache, not bad enough to stop me, but bad enough to reduce my enjoyment of life and restrict what I did.

I approached this problem like any intelligent medically trained person would, first I went to my GP, who referred me to an acupuncturist, then started the rest, Osteopathy, Chiropractor, Massage therapy, Pilates, Yoga, Physio, Chi Gong, one on one rehab training (physio and PT at gym). I consulted a spinal surgeon and musculoskeletal specialist surely all this pain must mean something?!?

The lockdown and pattern never resolved. Some of these treatments allowed a change of the pattern or lessening of the pain, but it always came back. I returned from a family holiday in January this year and thought to myself on the eve of my mid-life, how is it I have tried EVERYTHING and yet my body was still sending me a signs?

Lucky for me, my desire to get moving and “fit “drove me to Michelle. I was really keen to join my gym classes or a dance class, as I enjoy music and movement, but when I tried to do this, invariably my back would lock up. I knew from the initial postural assessment that her approach was completely different. Her explanation to me of my posture and subsequent problems gave me a full understanding of why all the work I had done in the past was never going to correct my underlying posture imbalances.

I commenced in March with PostureFit and have followed advice from Michelle by combining exercise, myofascial stretching and strengthening specific to my postural challenges. The biggest change for me is strengthening of my back, positioning of my neck, and of course lessening of my headaches, not to mention toning of my body and flattening of my stomach.

I am on the road to fitness and freedom of pain and I now have the confidence to use my body. I have taken up dance classes and can to get into the garden all without a lockdown. Michelle is highly skilled, very professional and passionate, she takes you on a journey that is specific to your body. The rewards are amazing and life-changing.”

Stacey Airey


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