A revolutionary approach
to postural correction

What if I told you that you don’t have to put up with on-going pain? That those recurring injuries can be resolved, once and for all.

Many modalities treat effects or symptoms but fail to address the underlying cause of pain, discomfort or restriction. Instead, my approach is to understand the inner workings of your body, so we can correct posture, fascia distortion and muscle imbalances. This can remove the need for medical intervention and surgery, and create more strength than you have ever had before.

Postural & orthopedic assessment

Your journey to living without physical imbalance starts with an individualized comprehensive assessment. As a qualified high-level C.H.E.K practitioner, I view the body as a whole and I understand how interrelated systems affect each other to impact upon your body’s function and performance. 

The C.H.E.K Postural and Orthopedic assessment is a science-based analysis. Following a series of tests, I’ll have a detailed understanding of what your body specifically needs in order to achieve your optimal structural position.

The full postural assessment takes approximately 90 mins. A written report is also available (if required) at an additional charge.

Postural Correction

Whether you’re an athlete, or spend your days at a desk, many people suffer the effects of poor posture or structural imbalance, without realising the impact it’s having on how we’re able to carry out the activities we love. 

Poor posture isn’t just about how your body looks from the outside. Although your shape will transform more than ever before, postural correction is also about how it is functioning and supporting you to feel and perform at your best. Good posture supports your spine and organs, integrating your whole body so that you have strong structural integrity as you age.

Postural correction takes time, but the results are transformative. Your evolving personal programme will be made up of training sessions designed specific to you as you progress. Using a range of techniques, we will decompress your spine, level your pelvis, create space around compressed joints, stretch and normalise fascial chains, and strengthen muscles so you can maintain your new optimal position.

This re-education process calls on highly specialised skills that I have spent my career learning, researching and refining, including C.H.E.K, ELDOA, myofascial stretching, Global postural stretching, functional range conditioning, Kin stretch, Soma training.

My Approach

My goal is to correct any imbalances, create optimal structural position and postural strength  so you can maintain new habits long term. Through the study and application of a range of revolutionary modalities, I’ve developed my own highly specialised approach to postural correction that blends the best of these leading-edge techniques.


ELDOA is an exercise technique developed by world-renowned French osteopath, Guy Voyer. By creating tension in the connective tissue in the body (known as fascia) through different precise postures, we’re able to decompress the spine at any level, create space around any joint and re-balance your body as well as many other physiological benefits.

Myofascial Stretching

Myofascial stretches improve the quality of the fascia, giving you space and balance in the body. This goes beyond muscle stretching to actually put tension into the fascia that encase your muscles. In doing so, we can correct structural imbalances and release the tension across joints that can lead to inflammation and pain.

Global Postural Stretching (GPS)

GPS is a form of precise exercise therapy that focuses on organising and integrating the connective tissue – or fascia – in the body. It works on the premise that your body is not only muscles, bones, joints, nervous system and organs – but also that these are linked with fascia. GPS focuses on the joints, muscle and connective tissue to organise and integrate the body, resulting in reduced pain and improved sports performance.

Soma training

Soma training was created by renowned osteopath, Guy Voyer. While the body is a whole, we work segmentally to integrate very precise and specific exercise techniques, ranging from analytical and segmental training to proprioception, myofascial stretching, ELDOA and global postural stretching. Using these techniques leads to injury recovery and prevention, greater strength, improved physical performance and postural correction.

C.H.E.K  (Corrective High-performance Exercise Kinesiology)

The C.H.E.K Institute was founded by Paul Chek, a world-renowned expert in the fields of corrective and high-performance exercise kinesiology, and holistic wellness. As a certified high-level C.H.E.K Practitioner, I am a specialist in corrective exercise kinesiology which will support you in achieving a strong and structurally correct posture.

Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) and Kin Stretch

Developed by Dr. Andreo Spina, originally a Doctor of chiropractic and a world-renowned musculoskeletal expert, FRC and Kin stretch are comprehensive joint training systems. Backed by the latest in scientific research, this approach works to improve range of motion across your joints by increasing the joint tissue’s ability to absorb load. FRC and Kin Stretch are modalities focused on physical conditioning for body control, injury prevention, joint health, and physical longevity.

Refund Policy:
If buying 10 sessions at our reduced block price refunds will not be given and you will have 12 months to use your sessions from starting date.

“At 51 years of age I tore some cartlidge in my hip doing a simple everday kind of movement, I could not walk more than 20m without debilitating pain. For 3 months, while I waited to see a surgeon, the only walking I could do was around the supermarket aided by a shopping trolly. My active lifestyle, a serious accident and spending too long at the computer had all caught up with me and I felt a bit desperate when the surgeon gave me a 2min consultation and sent me out the door saying ‘sorry I can’t help’ It was not operable.

Over the 10 years since my accident I had been to see a good number of Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Acupuncture, Massage Therapists and I did 2 years of Pilates 2 times a week. When I saw Michelle Owens Magazine advertisement it offered something I hadn’t tried.

From the first meeting Michelle Owen demonstrated a level of understanding about posture and movement that I have never experienced before and it made perfect sense to me. How could this possibly have been missed by all those practitioners!
Michelle analysed my whole-body structure and movement range of all my joints. She worked out specifically what muscles & joints were tight and needed stretching and which were weak and need strengthening. My posture was crooked from head to toe, I was not symmetrical and so any symmetrical exercises was causing me aggravation and injury.
Within 2 weeks of working with Michelle I made improvements that were so encouraging. I could see a clear path forward to total fitness health and strength.

I am not saying it was easy. I worked hard. I had weekly appointments for Michelle for 1 ½ years. I did at least 10mins practise everyday and when I had time I did more. I am 53 now, I am stronger and fitter than I have been in over 10 years. My body is at ease and I am pain-free.

The difference this has made to my life is truly profound and I have to say I would happily worship the ground Michelle walks on because without her extraordinary understanding of the human body and how to make it work properly I would be stuck on the couch and not at all happy about it. Her good work has given me back all the things I love about life, long bush walks, climbing volcanoes in exotic countries, skiing, sailing, horse riding and tennis.

It has been the best investment I have ever made in myself.”

Kim Hampson

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